Strickland Road Coldwell Banker HPW


Meet a few of the ladies at the Strickland Road Coldwell Banker HPW Office!

Each year, this office hold an awards luncheon for their agents. We’ve been blessed to participate the last three years.

This year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland. As you can tell by the image above, these ladies fully commit to their themes. The makeup, attire, and decor was truly amazing.

We decided on a traditional black booth for the event, and our “Candy Cane” backdrop for the images. Barbara was nice enough to let me choose the backdrop this year. She reminded me to keep it crazy, just like the theme.

I knew I chose the correct backdrop when all the guest expressed how much they loved it. Score!

We designed a photo strip that complimented the theme of course, and took the opportunity to brand the strip by adding special logos.

We always enjoy the time we spend with this group. Until next time!


iPicture Booth