Rose’s 80th Birthday Celebration


Meet Rose!

Rose’s daughter-in-law Caron contacted us to provide a little extra fun at Rose’s 80th Birthday Celebration.  Rose and Caron worked together for months to make sure the celebration was all that Rose could imagine.

Rose explained to Caron that she did not want a boring party and boring it was NOT! The celebration included a mystery game (Who Stole Rose’s Youth), Singing Performances, and iPicture Photo Booth!

Caron asked if she could supply her own props since she works in the costume industry.  We happily obliged.  We created a rose-themed photo strip that Caron loved. We watched Rose’s family and friends dress up and participate in our Scrap-booking feature. They wrote some of the nicest things to Rose.  You could tell Rose was heavily admired.

When Rose and I entered the booth, I was mesmerized by her humble spirit.  She was so sweet and full of joy. While taking our images,  I had to ask Rose what her secret was to looking so youthful. She said, “I have a wonderful husband, I’ve been married for 58 years, I’ve worked hard and enjoyed a great family!”

What an inspiration! Happy Birthday Rose! Thank you for inviting us!