Reed Wedding


Meet Lauri!

Lauri contacted us after viewing our Living Social special.  She was so pleasant to work with.  We did most of our planning via email. When you converse with someone via email, you really can’t wait until you actually meet them.

I truly felt like Lauri and I were already friends due to our communication.  When we met at her reception, located at the Angus Barn Pavilion, she embraced me with a big ole hug. It was at that point that I met her wonderful husband, Aaron Reed.

Their guest had an awesome time in the booth.  However, there were two guest in particular who took the booth and posing to a whole new level!  They were none other than Lauri’s daughter and niece.  They changed in and out of props all while giving creative poses for the camera.  We really got a kick out of watching them transform.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Reed!