Rose’s 80th Birthday Celebration


Meet Rose!

Rose’s daughter-in-law Caron contacted us to provide a little extra fun at Rose’s 80th Birthday Celebration.  Rose and Caron worked together for months to make sure the celebration was all that Rose could imagine.

Rose explained to Caron that she did not want a boring party and boring it was NOT! The celebration included a mystery game (Who Stole Rose’s Youth), Singing Performances, and iPicture Photo Booth!

Caron asked if she could supply her own props since she works in the costume industry.  We happily obliged.  We created a rose-themed photo strip that Caron loved. We watched Rose’s family and friends dress up and participate in our Scrap-booking feature. They wrote some of the nicest things to Rose.  You could tell Rose was heavily admired.

When Rose and I entered the booth, I was mesmerized by her humble spirit.  She was so sweet and full of joy. While taking our images,  I had to ask Rose what her secret was to looking so youthful. She said, “I have a wonderful husband, I’ve been married for 58 years, I’ve worked hard and enjoyed a great family!”

What an inspiration! Happy Birthday Rose! Thank you for inviting us!


HPW Strickland Road Office


Meet some of the HPW (Strickland Office) Team!

Barbara Dye contacted us to provide entertainment for HPW’s annual awards meeting.  As you can see, the agents had a Grease-themed meeting.  They all really played the part and arrived dressed in full Grease clothing.

We were set-up near the entrance so the agents could enter the building and join in on the photo booth fun! We made sure to include Grease wigs and props to add in the fun.

We met some really great people at this event! If you are looking for a new home, please contact the HPW Strickland Team.  They are extremely nice and a dream to work with!

Thanks for having us!

Patel Wedding


Meet Heena & Samir!

When I think of this couple, I think FUN! Heena contacted us to provide entertainment during their wedding reception.  The reception was held in downtown Raleigh at the Marriott Civic Center.

Heena and I worked on an elegantly designed photo strip to match her Royal Blue and Gold themed colors.  It was an absolute pleasure to present their guest of 400 with our creation.

Some of our most funniest and creative images came from their guest.  They had a ball in the booth and we enjoyed watching them.  There were guest of all ages who made sure they left their mark on the booth.  Not to mention, everyone was so kind and sweet.

It was a pleasure to be of service at the Patel Wedding.  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Patel!



Reed Wedding


Meet Lauri!

Lauri contacted us after viewing our Living Social special.  She was so pleasant to work with.  We did most of our planning via email. When you converse with someone via email, you really can’t wait until you actually meet them.

I truly felt like Lauri and I were already friends due to our communication.  When we met at her reception, located at the Angus Barn Pavilion, she embraced me with a big ole hug. It was at that point that I met her wonderful husband, Aaron Reed.

Their guest had an awesome time in the booth.  However, there were two guest in particular who took the booth and posing to a whole new level!  They were none other than Lauri’s daughter and niece.  They changed in and out of props all while giving creative poses for the camera.  We really got a kick out of watching them transform.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Reed!




Hayes Barton Cafe


Marget (Owner of Hayes Barton Cafe)!

Marget reserved the booth for her company’s 70 style holiday party. Marget was so easy to work with as we corresponded through email to make all of the final arrangements. Marget and Frank (husband & co-owner of Haynes Barton Cafe) welcomed us with open arms into their establishment.

It was a real treat to see all of their employees/co-workers arrive in 70’s gear. You can tell they had put much thought into their outfits.  At times, it seemed like the employees became the people they dressed up as.

I remember one booth session in particular.  A couple of guys were dressed up as members of the Mob.  They entered the booth and with each shot, they acted out a street fight.  It was hilarious!  In the first image, you could see the argument ensue. The second picture escalated to someone being choked, the third image escalated even more to a fake punch, and the forth image finalized the fight with both guys being in the headlock.

We enjoyed watching them just as much as they enjoyed the booth. Make sure you stop by Hayes Barton Cafe for some sweet treats! Tell them we sent you!

Horne Wedding


Meet Eric & Tiffany!

I know this couple personally. Eric is a long time Army buddy of my husband’s. We did their engagement pictures (Jamie Barco Photography) a few months ago. We had such a great time that they were gracious enough to book the photo booth for their reception.

The wedding & reception was held in Garner, NC at the Grand Marquis Ballroom.  We began the photo booth at their cocktail hour.  The guest were so excited to enter to booth after viewing it in the lobby upon entering the wedding.

We captured so many pictures of their guest posing and having fun with the props.  It seemed as if I could not replace the props fast enough. My hubby even had the opportunity of being a guest in the booth since he was in the wedding party.  A great time was had by all.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Horne!!!

Alyssa’s Sweet 16


Meet Ingrid (Far Right) and Alyssa (Jumbo glasses)!

Ingrid was our very first client. She found us on Craigslist and we met at a coffee shop to finalize details for Alyssa’s Sweet 16.  We worked with her and Alyssa to create a cute zebra themed photo strip to complement the theme for the party.  We made sure to include a “Script” font which was requested by the birthday girl.

The festivities took place at 606 Lounge in downtown Raleigh.  The teenagers had a ball using the props to create funny pics.  The adults made sure to sneak a few images in also.

Ingrid and her entire family (her sisters are on the back row) are the nicest people we have ever met. We were so honored to have been apart of Alyssa’s celebration.

They even made me an honorary member of their family! Okay, I asked but they said “Yes!” iPicture will never forget them! Until next time my sisters! Happy Sweet 16 Alyssa!