Meet Lauren & Robert!


Lauren contacted us after viewing our Living Social ad.  She was extremely sweet and made sure she took advantage of our Scrapbooking service.

We designed a Scrapbook to compliment Lauren & Robert’s wedding colors.  Then, we designed a photo strip to compliment the Scrapbook.

Lauren & Robert wed at the Brier Creek Country Club.  There family and friends had a great time in the booth.  They really let loose and enjoyed writing well wishes to the happy couple.

Thank you for having us Mr. & Mrs. Bourne!!!


Brinkley Wedding


Oh how we LOVE this pic!  Meet the beautiful Emma and the funny Ian! Emma & Ian’s reception was held at Bay 7 in Durham, NC.  Emma worked with me via email to plan the details of the photo booth.

We designed a beautiful photo strip to compliment the logo she provided. As you can see from this image, everyone had a fun time in the booth!

Thank you for having us Mr. & Mrs. Brinkley!



Mills Park Middle School

mills park4

Trudi D’Ambrosio, Co-Chair for Mill Park Middle School’s PTSA, contacted us to add a little fun to their 8th grade graduation.  Trudi was so sweet and really wanted the students to have a memorable event.

She believed our booth would add a level of excitement for the students. We planned for this event five months in advance. When we arrived on site, the students were extremely happy to see us.  They made several trips in and out of the booth all night.

Trudi and her team even had a table check for the students’ photo strips. This enabled the students to dance freely without losing their strips.  The event was a major success!

Thank you Trudi & Mills Park Middle School!



Fuquay Varina Middle School’s 8th Grade Graduation


Meet some of the Wonderful 8th Grade Teachers at Fuquay Varina Middle School!!

Ms. Barger (back row, 3rd from left) contacted us to see if we would provide our photo booth services for their 8th grade class.  The booking process was extremely smooth.  I explained to Ms. Barger that we are already a Wake County School approved vendor.  From there, we provided references from other Wake County Schools for the principal to review.

The plan was to have a picnic under the pavilion across from the school.  Everything was going well.  We set-up the booth, the catering arrived, the students set-up the music, BUT then the rain decided to make a visit.

No worries!  We broke down the booth and had it re-assembled inside the school in record time.  The students were so excited and made several visits into the booth.  It was great to see students exit the booth and then grab another friend and get back in line.  Not only did the students work the booth, the teachers took time to make a few sessions themselves. Since we can’t use images of the students we used one image of the teachers above. This was the more relaxed image.  Trust me, they know how to work a photo booth!

A great time was had by all and we appreciated the opportunity to spend the day with Fuquay Varina Middle School!

We hope to work with you again next year!


Croy Wedding


Meet the Lovely Meredith & Handsome Taylor!

Meredith contacted us after viewing our ad on Living Social.  She was super sweet and we worked together through email to ensure the photo booth was a success at the reception.

I have to admit, Meredith was the epitome of a calm bride. We literally worked out all of our details and met for the first time at the reception.

The reception was held at the Cardinal Club in downtown Raleigh.  The decor was simply stunning just like the bride.  She really needs to be on a cover of a magazine!  I loved how Meredith and Taylor incorporated a bench for their guest to sign.  I thought it was a very unique favor and one that I could envision on the porch of their home.

When we met Meredith and Taylor, they were both so nice and caring. Taylor made sure to tell my husband everyone would be calling him “TC” for the evening.  He rarely used Taylor and introduced himself as “TC” to us.  Meredith greeted me with a hug and I just loved how they both took the time to make sure we were okay.  They wanted to ensure we had something to drink, eat, and/or anything we needed.  Of course, we do not eat on the job but I couldn’t believe they were worried about our well being at their reception.

Meredith & TC are perfect together!  We are extremely happy for them and wish them nothing but the best!

Thank you for having us!





Enloe High School


Meet Ami!

Ami is a Junior at Enloe High School.  Ami and I worked together via email for a couple of months.  Ami worked alongside a prom committee to ensure Enloe had a fab prom! Ami was so professional that it took me about a month and a half before I realized I wasn’t speaking with a teacher! Honestly, if she had not told me she had to get dressed for prom, I would have never known.

The prom committee decided on a Vegas-theme. Enloe’s prom included a performance from Elvis, the photo booth was transformed into a wedding chapel, ice sculptures galore, card tables, and much much more!

When we arrived on site, we watched her fellow classmates display superior leadership skills.  They stocked food and drinks and ran the entire prom. We were so impressed with them and on top of that all of the students were extremely respectful.

It is safe to say the wedding chapel (photo booth) was a hit!  We wed many couples and they have their photo strips to prove it!

Thank you for having us!




Perry Wedding

Nicole 2

Meet Nicole!

Nicole found us through Living Social in January. She asked if we would travel to Barclay Villa in Angier, NC.  Who would dare say no to working inside a castle?  Not us!

Nicole was so easy to work with.  Most of our planning took place over the phone.  I was especially excited because Nicole approved a chevron patterned photo strip that I designed. Nicole even created her own logo to be attached to the photo strip. She did an amazing job!

Nicole, her husband (Max), family and friends were so welcoming. They really knew how to work the booth but Nicole was the star! We got the feeling that this was not her first time in a photo booth! She would grab enough props for all four of her images and work the camera! We truly enjoyed watching her!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Max Perry! Thank you for having us!


Wayne Early Middle College High


Meet Mrs. Selena Smith!

Mrs. Smith is a teacher at WEMCHS and the planner of their prom.  Mrs. Smith contacted us in hopes that we would travel to Goldsboro, NC for Wayne Early Middle College High School’s prom. Of course, we said YES!

She made sure to ask us to bring the black booth with turquoise accent since it would match the prom colors perfectly. We designed a photo booth strip adorned with masquerade mask to compliment the prom theme.

Mrs. Smith worked diligently along with the prom committee to ensure her students had a memorable prom.  She decided to use the photo strip as the prom favor for her students. The students had no idea they would have a photo booth at their prom.

Needless to say, they were surprised to see the booth and thoroughly enjoyed it. The students were so polite and happy. They thanked us all night for bringing the booth to their prom.

Mrs. Smith was so impressed with our services that she booked us immediately for 2014. We can’t wait to work with her again!

Nowak Wedding


Meet Nicole & Jeff!

Nicole contact us to see if we would travel to New Bern, NC for her wedding reception.  We happily obliged her request.  The reception was held at the New Bern Convention Center on the Riverfront.

Nicole followed up by sending us a detailed list of questions. She wanted to ensure she would be receiving a quality product. We thought she asked excellent questions like: what camera do we used, will the prints smear, etc.

We also worked with Nicole to ensure she had the perfect photo strip to match her wedding colors.  We thought it would be great to include their signature wedding logo (kissing fish).  Nicole liked this idea and we finalized the strip with these details.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Nowak for allowing us to share in your special day!


Holder Wedding


Meet Nathan & Sarah!

We thought it was super cool when the groom called us to reserve the photo booth. Nathan called us with excitement about having a photo booth at his reception.  He said he has the photo strips from his groomsmen weddings on his refrigerator.  He wanted to add his own to the collection.  We thought this was an amazing story!

Nathan asked me to meet him at The Stockroom at 230.  He wanted to ensure the booth would fit in the reception space. When I met Nathan, I also had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful fiancee Sarah.

Sarah wanted to ensure the booth would compliment the Victorian-themed reception. This was our opportunity to introduce our “All White Booth” to her. We had not released the the booth at the time but we knew it would work. They loved the idea!

We loved providing a sleek looking booth that doubled as entertainment. We created a photo strip that matched the bridesmaids dresses and added an image of the bride & groom.

Let’s just say their guest were extremely comical in the booth!  They took the photo booth to an all new level! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Holder! Thank you for having us!