The Groden’s

IMG_0262fbMeet Becca & Jack!

What an image! We love that we were able to capture this moment in the booth. We love the ability to provide a quick, yet quiet moment from family and friends after nuptials.

Becca and her family were excellent wedding planners. Becca contacted us almost a year out from her wedding and confirmed her booking. She chose the “All White Booth” to match her lemon yellow and royal blue wedding scheme.

We worked together on a cute chevron photo strip which many of her family and friends raved about. The wedding reception took place at the The Stockroom at 230. Once the photo booth opened, there was a non-stop line. Everyone had a ball choosing fun props and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. We loved the variations of group bridesmaid and groomsmen photos. They were awesome!

Congratulations Becca & Jack! We had a wonderful time with you guys and wish you a lifetime of happiness!


iPicture Booth


The Arthur’s

IMG_0438 Meet Sherry & Elliot!

Sherry contacted us in hopes that we would bring a little extra fun to her wedding reception. Of course, we were happy to oblige. Sherry & I spoke via email over the past few months to complete the planning for their reception. Sherry was very sweet and so easy to work with.

I remember Sherry saying she liked a photo strip previously used in our gallery, but she did not like the backdrop selection. Hahaha. Not a problem, we provide options. Sherry chose the black and white damask backdrop. I re-designed the photo strip to her liking. Instead of a logo, she simply preferred their name and wedding date. I remember thinking, “how easy is this request?”

Sherry & Elliot’s reception was held in Pine Level, NC at Hinnant Vineyards. The location was absolutely beautiful. We set-up and welcomed their family and friends into the booth.  Due to the space, we had to shrink the size of the booth. I made sure to alert Sherry when she entered the photo booth. She said, “Girl, I don’t care, I have my man.”  Sherry’s response was hilarious to me. She was such an easy going bride.

We had so much fun with this bunch! Everyone loved going into the booth and getting dressed up. Even the husbands who only went in because their wives asked, ended up really liking the booth.

Midway through the event, Sherry’s mother, Barbara brought us tons of food. She was so sweet and nurturing. She did not want us to work without eating. She told everyone to let us take a ten minute break and we would resume. We decided to take a five minute break and continue the party! After-all, we love when our clients are enjoying our booth.

We had a fabulous time at Sherry & Elliot’s reception. We would like to thank them for entrusting us with their special day! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness.


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The Mulder’s


Meet Drew & Kathleen Mulder,

We were contacted by Drew who asked to meet for a consultation. We met at a local coffee shop and I presented our business to him. Originally, Kathleen was supposed to attend as well, but she was thrown a surprise bridal shower that day.

After our meeting, Drew spoke with Kathleen and they booked us for their reception. Drew had previously met with several other photo booth companies, so iPicture was honored to be selected. Drew & Kathleen decided on the “All White Booth” for their venue and a fall photo strip. They selected the iLove Package to ensure their guest would have fun with our Scrap-booking feature.

The reception was held at the Embassy Suites in Brier Creek. The family, friends, and guest of the Mulder’s had a ball in the photo booth. They became creative with props and other resources at the venue o:). They equally enjoyed writing special well wishes to Drew & Kathleen at the Scrap-booking table. Many of the guest would circle back around to the table to read the book as it filled up throughout the night. We were told by multiple guest that we had the best photo booth they had ever seen. Those comments always warm our hearts!

At the conclusion of the reception, Drew expressed his sincere gratitude. He mentioned to us that his only responsibility for the wedding was to secure the photo booth. He said, “we made him look good o:).”

Thank you Drew & Kathleen for inviting us into your reception! We thoroughly enjoyed you guys and wish you a lifetime of happiness!


iPicture Booth



The Carolan’s


Meet the Beautiful Bride Heather (far right) and Handsome Groom David!

Heather contacted us in April in regards to our iDream Package for her wedding on Saturday, October 19, 2013.  Heather and David’s reception would take place at The Garden on Millbrook. Their colors were Navy, Tiffany Blue, and Tangerine.

We discussed customizing the booth to include navy drapes but decided on the black booth which accented the Tiffany Blue color. We customized a beautiful horizontal chevron photo strip to match their wedding colors. An image of the strip can be found here:

Heather is quite the creative bride! She hand made multiple props (two of them featured above) for her family and friends.  We combined her props with our prop box and it was a match made in prop heaven! Her family and friends had an awesome time in the booth. They raved about the props, picture quality, and fun entertainment. It was a wonderful night filled with love, fun, and even professional cloggers! But it didn’t stop there, Heather was nice enough to gift us with all the props she made (we have the best clients ever!!)

We had a wonderful time with Heather and David. We wish them a lifetime of happiness! Thank you for allowing us to join in your special day!


iPicture Booth



Avance Enterprise, LLC & The Southern Regional Bariatric Fashion Show

PicMonkey Collage2

Every once and a while you are blessed to work alongside a great team for a great cause.  Well, iPicture Booth was given that opportunity on Saturday, September 21, 2013 in Stockbridge, GA. We told ya’ll we travel. hahaha!

The Founder & Professional Model, Latrisha Valdez-Rushing of Avance Enterprise LLC, contacted us to see if we would bring the photo booth the Southern Regional Bariatric Fashion Show.  Latrisha was the show producer and thought it would be great to bring a fun element to the event.

The fashion show showcased several ladies and gentlemen who had recently lost 50 plus pounds with the help of the Southern Regional Bariatric Center.  It was a brilliant way to showcase their weight loss and we were honored to be chosen to help the participants have a little fun!

We arrived on site and set-up the booth and our prop table.  Latrisha and her team had the participants lined up and ready to work the runway.  They did just that!  You could tell everyone felt great in their skin.

During the intermission and at the conclusion of the show, the photo booth quickly became a conversation piece. Everyone had a great time in the booth and I even received a few emails regarding the booth on our way back to Raleigh, NC that evening.  Many of the family members and guests wanted to know when we would be returning to Georgia.

It was a great time had by all and a fabulous cause! We hope to work other events just like this one.  Thank you Latrisha Valdez-Rushing for having us!

To learn more more about Latrisha Valdez-Rushing and her consulting business, click here:


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McLilly Wedding


Meet The McLilly’s and Ms. Gladys (Brides mother)!

Ms. Gladys was referred to us from a friend of her daughters. We did the majority of our planning via email and some phone calls.  Ms. Gladys contracted us to work her daughter’s (Marquita) wedding.  She paid us in full on the same day she completed the contract.  She was so funny because she said, “Now, I am going to pay you in full and I don’t want any problems!”

After reassuring her that we were a reputable company and would surely be at her daughter’s wedding, she felt a little more comfortable.  We would check in with each other periodically as she continued to plan the wedding.

When went sent Ms. Gladys some photo strip options she replied and said her daughter didn’t care for the options.  Not a problem!  This is why we customize our photo strips.  Since we didn’t have any contact with the bride or groom during the planning phase we had to get a little creative. We began asking Ms. Gladys key questions about the ceremony.  During this conversation, she said something that was critical.  The wedding would be peacock themed!  That’s all we needed to know.

We went back to the drawing board and created a couple of peacock themed photo strips.  We felt like Marquita would like those more than the wedding color themed strips we began with. Creating the peacock strips made all the difference in the world because we received a go ahead on the strip.

The wedding took place in Greenville, NC at the Hilton.  Yes, we travel ya’ll! It was a gorgeous ceremony.  Immediately after the ceremony we opened the photo booth for the cocktail hour.  The family, friends, and guest all had a great time. They complimented us on our the booth and our props.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. McLilly for having us! Special thanks to Ms. Gladys for entrusting us with your daughter’s wedding.  We thoroughly enjoyed you guys!


iPicture Booth


Cecconi Wedding


Meet Mrs. Jennifer Cecconi (right)!

Jennifer contacted me in January in hopes that we would attend her at Peter’s reception at the Cardinal Club.  At the time, her date was available but soon after someone called requesting it.  As a courtesy, I emailed Jennifer to see if she was still interested in reserving the booth.

She reserved the booth that day and added the Scrap-booking option. She inquired about our props but we knew that would not be an issue.  After all, we believe we have the best props in town!  Before the wedding, we added their signature monogram to the photo strip.  I also asked if she would prefer the “All White Booth” which had not been unveiled at the time of her booking.  She thought the “All White Booth” would work perfectly.

I met Jennifer for the first time at her and Peter’s reception.  She was so sweet and looked marvelous in her gown.  Their family and friends had so much fun with the props.  One of the guest even came to me and apologized for being a little rowdy. She said she was just having so much fun! I quickly let her know our job is to create fun.  We encourage it!

The guest really became creative with their attire.  They would wear 3 hats, 2 pair of glasses, etc. They were really entertaining! A few guys even asked to use me as a prop and shoot their session with them.  How could I say no o:)?

The scrap-booking table drew just as much attention.  After putting their strip in the album and decorating the page, the guest wanted to wait and see what others did to design their page.  It was so funny!  Our lines began to back up both at the prop table and at the Scrapbook table, which was a first! No one wanted to miss any of the action!

By the end of the evening, I presented Jennifer with a completed scrapbook that her and Peter could reflect on as they drove home.  We even watched a slideshow of the entire day made by their photographers.  We had a great time and thank Jennifer & Peter kindly for having us!



The Kelly’s


Meet the lovely Artemisia (Michelle) & Andre’!!

We met Michelle back in April at the Forever Bridal Show.  She stopped by our booth along with some of her family members.  We explained our services to her and that we carry an “All White Booth” (not featured) at the show.

We were surprised and elated that she instantly commented on the clarity of our images/prints.  We remember her saying, “I can see my freckles in your images!” That spoke volumes to us because she had already visited other photo booths that day. For us, that statement provided validation.  We pride ourselves in setting/adjusting the lighting in our booth at every event and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Shortly after the show, Michelle sent me an email asking if we could meet to discuss reserving the booth.  We had lunch at Kanki and great conversation.  It was there that we discovered we live less than 2 minutes from one another. Who knew? She was so sweet and personable and wouldn’t even let me pay for our lunch!

Michelle decided on the horizontal photo strip and the all white booth for their reception. I sent her a few design options and a few backdrop options for their reception.  Michelle and Andre’ chose the photo strip but were split on the backdrop options.  They decided to let me choose.  I didn’t say so at the time but I immediately became nervous!  What to choose? Yikes!  I decided to give Andre’ his choice and chose the black and white background pictured above. I think it turned out great! They look HOT!!!

The reception began at 7:00 pm at the Capital City Club.  Once the guest arrived the booth was on FIRE! We ran the booth non-stop for 3 hours. The guest loved the props and adding their strip to the scrapbook.  They wrote well wishes to the bride and groom and even decorated their scrapbook pages with accessories the bride and groom provided.  We were asked to come to Atlanta and New Jersey that evening.  It was certainly a night to remember!

Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Kelly for allowing us to share in your special day! We are honored! xoxoxoxoxo

iconic luxury nail colour LAUNCH!

2Recently, we had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors for the Launch of “Iconic Luxury Nail Colour!” The CEO and owner, April Bush (pictured left with her husband Roger Bush) has worked relentlessly to present the world with a fashionable nail polish line.  The line was created to celebrate the Parisian Lifestyle.  It includes unique name such as Mink Coat, Merci Me, French Kiss, Midnight in Paris, and I LOURVE shoes, just to name a few.

I was able to preview a few of the colors prior to the launch.  I tend to lean towards glitz and glitter so I chose “Midnight in Paris” & “Merci Me.” I fell in love with this polish! The shimmer/glitter coverage in the polish is amazing. Two coats and you are set!

I knew the photo booth would a touch of fun to this exciting night.  April’s clients loved the booth and even became nail polish models.

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. April Bush! Watch out for her upcoming cosmetic line due to hit the world around the holidays.

Want to rock the iconic line? Here’s direct access:





Meet Julie & Justin …..and who’s that?

PicMonkey Collage

We just love this story!  Believe it or not, we never spoke to Julie or Justin (pictured left) before their wedding.  We had never even met them! Jodi (pictured right) is Julie’s older sister.  She wanted to gift our photo booth to her sister and brother-in-law.

We thought this was so sweet! Jodi made sure to keep us informed of all of the wedding details as they emerged.  When we met the bride and groom, you could tell why they were so loved by their family.

They were the sweetest couple and their wedding party had such loving stories to share about them. Their family and friends had a great time in the booth!

Thank you for having us Jodi, Justin & Julie!