Hayes Barton Cafe


Marget (Owner of Hayes Barton Cafe)!

Marget reserved the booth for her company’s 70 style holiday party. Marget was so easy to work with as we corresponded through email to make all of the final arrangements. Marget and Frank (husband & co-owner of Haynes Barton Cafe) welcomed us with open arms into their establishment.

It was a real treat to see all of their employees/co-workers arrive in 70’s gear. You can tell they had put much thought into their outfits.  At times, it seemed like the employees became the people they dressed up as.

I remember one booth session in particular.  A couple of guys were dressed up as members of the Mob.  They entered the booth and with each shot, they acted out a street fight.  It was hilarious!  In the first image, you could see the argument ensue. The second picture escalated to someone being choked, the third image escalated even more to a fake punch, and the forth image finalized the fight with both guys being in the headlock.

We enjoyed watching them just as much as they enjoyed the booth. Make sure you stop by Hayes Barton Cafe for some sweet treats! Tell them we sent you!